Central light, round
Central light, round

Welcome to woodenlights

What’s in a name? Everything actually!

Wood enlights

Wood is a natural, warm, living, tactile product. I was brought up with the feeling that wooden objects bring additional pleasure to the user or admirer simply by its presence.

Wood & lights

Since I was young I have always enjoyed anything to do with wood and also to do with lights. I started designing and building wooden toys when young and over the years have created more complex and objects.


As regards the lights, my partner physically grabs my arm and drags me through the lighting department of a shop rasping the long-practiced words “we don’t need any more lights...”

Wooden lights

Since starting several years ago on furniture-making and restoration courses I have spent more time coming up with ideas, both good and bad. The bad ideas fortunately have been consigned to a distant memory, whilst some of my better ideas have now been converted into finished products.


One of these was a wooden reading lamp. The idea for this lamp came to me in a dream and I assumed there must be thousands of designs already in general circulation. After many hours of searching the internet I came up with only a couple of (in my humble opinion) inferior examples.

The lamp was converted into a finished product accompanied by the initial chuckles and teasing of my fellow students, although this rapidly turned to curiosity and finally to admiration.


This success paved the way for me to develop further ideas along this theme. From here my woodenlights concept was born

Everything from woodenlights is lovingly designed, developed and made by hand. Of course wood is a natural product and so no two will ever be identical. It is essential to carefully select only the best quality and most visually appealing wood and veneers to use. The result of this is a unique article that will bring many years of pleasure to the owner.



Come and have a look at our gallery for pictures and more details of some of our woodenlights

We now have our 2016 collection available. We are sure you will agree that these are simply stunning additions to our range. Come and check them out now!



If you have any questions then please contact me.

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